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Christmas Cards! Free Christmas Cards!

We spent Sunday afternoon doing a quick photo session for our Christmas Card with my friend Emily.

Emily went to the same college I did and we’re on the Alumni Board together. I’ve already seen a sneak peek of the photos from the shoot and I can’t wait to see them all.

I’ve been thinking about what to do for our Christmas Cards this year, and I’m excited to be taking advantage of this free Christmas Card offer from Tiny Prints. I found it through Nina at accordingtonina.com. Here’s info directly from her site:

Beginning right now through next Tuesday 11/13 at 11:59pm PT, anyone and everyone can get 10 Free Holiday cards from Tiny Prints. Below are all the details.

Offer: 10 Free Holiday Cards (A $24.00 value!)

Start date: Now

End Date: Tuesday, November 13 at 11:59pm PT


Limitations (Make sure to read this): Flat cards only - options charges will apply (rounded corners/paper options/envelopes options) and shipping charges will also apply. Regular shipping starts at $5.99 in the U.S.

Legal Stuff: Offer is limited to 10 cards per customer. This promotion cannot be combined with other offers and is valid for one-time use only. Shipping and handling charges will apply. Rounded corners, Pearl White Shimmer paper and Premium DoubleThick ™ Matte paper will incur additional fees. This promotion code applies exclusively to holiday cards and holiday party invitations and is not applicable to previously placed orders, Erin Condren products, William Arthur boxed sets, shipping, taxes or rush processing fees. Offer is only valid on Tiny Prints and is not applicable on treat.com, third party or partner websites. To prevent abuse, we reserve the right to discontinue or modify this offer at any time without notice. We reserve the right to cancel any order at any time. Offer expires 11/13/12 at 11:59 pm (PT).

Disclaimer: I’m pretty sure those links above are for Tiny Prints to track traffic from Nina’s site, but I wanted to share it with y’all because I’m so doggone excited about it. Maybe Nina will get some bonus points or something for me sharing it, too. :)

Anyway - who wouldn’t love 10 free Christmas cards? Even if you never order Christmas Cards because it’s an added expense, start this year and send out 10. I know you know 10 people who would love to hear from you at Christmas time!

Have you planned your Christmas cards for this year? Start now so you don’t end up in a mad rush to get them done. OR worse - there have been a few years in the past that I ordered cards, but they didn’t, um, make it out the door. Ever. Oops. #momfail

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That Itchy Feeling

Ever have that itchy feeling when you have lots of ideas rolling around in your head - but even bigger, in your heart? The one where your story is bigger than you think you are but you’re not quite sure how to share it? You know where you’re supposed to go and what you’re supposed to do, but it means giving up some things and saying no to some things, and well, that hurts your pride. Not that those things are bad - but they’re just not where / what / when for you.

And then you feel the fear (maybe that’s what’s causing the itch?) start to reel you back in. That nasty little (BIG) voice that says, well if you do that big thing you’re supposed to do, you’re gonna have to give up that other thing you’ve been saying you want to do. And this isn’t the first time you’ve said you’re gonna make this thing your full time thing…People will think you’re a joke. That you can’t commit. That you have no idea what you want. And they won’t listen to you. Who are you to do anything big?

Oh, friends, I’ve got the itchies. But this is going to be a big big thing. Not for me. But for us. Us working mamas. Y’all. This big itchy idea has been rolling around in my heart for so long. And I’m putting together something that will do so much good for our hearts. And our homes. And our careers.

Meanwhile, I’ve got some saying no and giving up to do….

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For a Mamafriend in the Middle of the Mess

Having a baby is tough. I don’t mean the physical act of birthing, but the act of having a baby to take care of. I have some friends in the middle of that awkward and difficult time when babies are all cute and cuddly but they don’t “do” much. And particularly if the baby cries a lot and you’re working fulltime and trying to figure the whole “being a parent” thing out, it’s exhausting. And the newness has worn off and there aren’t visitors coming with food and pampering you like they did the first several weeks and as eager as you are to get back into your normal routine, you feel like you just can’t get anything done. Your to-do list seems like it’s always the same stuff but you can never check anything off. You desperately need to get your creative juices flowing again, but you can’t find the time. Or the energy. Or a sitter. Or the mental focus. You feel trapped and you wonder what in the world you’ve signed up for …

For a Mamafriend in the middle of the mess….

I totally understand about getting stuff done. It’s frustrating. And the guilt you feel for not getting everything on the list done is matched by the guilt you feel if you don’t spend every free moment you have with the baby. You try to keep up at work. You try to keep up with the housestuffs. You try to spend quality time with the baby. (What really is “quality time” with a 5 month old? Discussing peer pressure, politics, spirituality, and feelings??? Or just being around and holding and loving the baby?) Here’s the thing. You are already doing an amazing job. And I know it sounds silly - and you’ve probably heard it 1,000 times from other people - but that other stuff on your to-do list can and will wait. I know - I just recently got out of the craziness that is feed, burp, diaper, play, feed, burp, diaper, nap. Feed, cry, burp, feed, cry some more (me and the baby). Work. Pump. Emails. Meetings. Nurse. Nap. Play. Bathe. Nurse. Pump. No sleep at night. No social life. Feeling icky. Feeling fat. Where did my boobs go!?! Don’t touch them (husband or baby!). Don’t touch me. Cry. Eat. Sleep. Play. Rinse. Repeat.

And you feel like you’re never caught up and that you don’t get to do anything anymore that makes you “who you are” - and that is a really scary feeling. In that scary and dark place, you wonder if it will ever get better and you can’t see past the next day, let alone the next few years. And you feel trapped, like it’s never going to get any better.

And those feelings SUCK. But they are real. And they’re normal. (but they still really, really suck.)


In the middle of all that will come some really awesome times.
Knowing exactly what to do to make the baby smile.
Watching him learn to crawl, walk, eat, and talk.
When she says Mama.
Holding him while he sleeps.
Watching her interact with the family pets and become “friends” with them.
Girls nights out that make you appreciate being with adults but still missing that sweet little one at home.
Date nights with your husband.
Learning that you can overcome a heck of a lot more than you ever imagined.
Finally accepting that taking care of a baby is a HUGE job even though it doesn’t always feel like you’re getting anything “done.”
Knowing that even when there are bad days, there are some really good ones just around the corner.

I promise - PROMISE - it gets better. And easier. One day at a time.


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Getting My (Blog) Groove Back

On getting my (blog) groove back.

Well. On Friday I turned 30. I woke up with no gray hairs and no (new) wrinkles (Thank you Mary Kay!)

I also woke with no new wisdom or feeling of age and experience. It was pretty anti-climatic, but that’s not a bad thing. I posted a while (er, 6 or so months) ago about turning 30. I’m looking forward to the next decade. I love the place I am in life. I love being comfortable with myself. With goals (achieved and missed), learning and loving who I am, and finding my spot in this great big world.

I miss blogging. I’ve still been reading, so I know all about y’all! :) But I miss being part of the conversation online. I last blogged in April. I got a little discouraged about blogging about being a “Working Mom” for a few reasons.

1. Sometimes being a working mom sucks. It’s hard.
2. I attended a conference for work and then was informed that my expenses weren’t reimbursable. Long story, but frustrating. That sorta sucked the wind out of my sails.
3. I keep thinking that what if, one day, I’m no longer a “working mom” in the traditional 9-5, workin’ for someone else kind of gig? Does that mean that everything I’m writing here is for naught? Am I going to be eating crow if that’s ever the case? Will y’all be all “Oh look, Jaime wrote for so long about being a working mom, and now look at her, no longer working outside the home! What a failure!”

So, I’m just going to do the same thing I’d do if I saw a group of y’all at the local coffee shop after not seeing you for a while. I’m gonna grab my big ol’ cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and join in the conversation. :)

My goal is to write each day. I’ve already made a list of topics/posts. And I’ll plan to write everyday. Promise. :)


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The husband of one of my best friends is a guidance counselor where he attended high school. This past weekend, he posted a picture on facebook of him as a chaperone at the school where he works. It reminded me that eleven years ago, I attended prom at that school with my friend, her husband, and my (then) boyfriend.

And then I saw pictures of some sweet girls I used to coach attending prom at the high school where I attended. Seriously gorgeous. Don’t know if they could get prettier.

And I realized a few things:

1. I’m getting old.

2. Looking at prom pictures of myself is good for my self-esteem. I’m a late bloomer. Makes me realize the best is yet to come.

3. Thank god things don’t turn out how you want them to in high school.

4. I’m probably going to dig out some old pictures soon at my mom’s house. If they’re not terrible, I may post one. :)

Did you go to prom? Did you love it?

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